mysore sada dosa

hello! if you're wondering where to get your next mysore sada dosa, you've come to the right place.
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currently: pune
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A dosa from Sri Krishna Aanand Bhavan on a plate
sri krishna aanand bhavan, kothrud

ordered in from this place we discovered last year. they're quite generous w the mysore chutney, so you're bound to be disappointed when the dosa tastes more sada than you expect. also, it's massive. i almost regretted getting two. ordering in is always risky but this one was the right amount of ~soft~! the sambhar is slightly sweet, and arguably more flavourful than the dosa itself. i'm back on my "no coconut chutney" bullshit, so it didn't even occur to me to taste it. would recommend, it manages to offer comfort despite all its faults.

A dosa from Naivedyam on a plate
naivedyam, gurgaon

my ideal life certainly involves a mysore sada dosa* the morning after every soirée. end of review.

*not from naivedyam

A dosa from Carnatic Cafe on a plate
carnatic cafe, greater kailash ii

we've got a 'chota packet bada dhamaka' situation on our hands. didn't know this one had it in her to pack so much ghee. nothing short of divine. the mysore chutney, dare i say, tastes orange. sambhar doesn't stay w you, but the three chutneys certainly complete the experience :-) would recommend (but be careful not to order too much -- food comas are never fun!)

A dosa from Sharda Bhavan on a plate
sharda bhavan, matunga

my friend yashvi & i make it a point to get breakfast at sharda every time i'm in town. today's sambhar lacked salt. the coconut chutney was the right amount of coconuty. the dosa itself was crisp in some places, not so much in others. stunning colour. the mysore chutney was not as flavourful as one might imagine. almost delicious nonetheless, would recommend!

A dosa from Swadesh on a plate
swadesh, versova

a six minute walk from the metro station, swadesh is a small place with a big menu. i am fairly certain the entire dosa was dipped in ghee. not crisp at all, just the way i like it. the ghee really overpowered the mysore chutney. would not recommend.